ActiveSync Z-push install

 # tee -a /etc/yum.repos.d/z-push.repo <<END
name=Z-Push noarch Enterprise Linux 7 - \$basearch

 # yum install z-push-common z-push-config-apache z-push-backend-imap z-push-ipc-sharedmemory
 # perl -pi -e 's#'\''IMAP_FOLDER_CONFIGURED'\'', false#'\''IMAP_FOLDER_CONFIGURED'\'', true#g' /usr/share/z-push/backend/imap/config.php
 # perl -pi -e 's#'\''TIMEZONE'\'', '\'''\''#'\''TIMEZONE'\'', '\''America/Denver'\''#g' /usr/share/z-push/config.php
 # perl -pi -e 's#'\''BACKEND_PROVIDER'\'', '\'''\''#'\''BACKEND_PROVIDER'\'', '\''BackendIMAP'\''#g' /usr/share/z-push/config.php

  Configure Outlook email client on tablet or phone (Tested: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and Samsung S7 Edge, iPhone X)
  1. On tablet or smart phone open Outlook
  2. Go to 'Add Accout'
  3. Go to 'Add an email account'
  4. Enter email address
  5. Go to 'Manual setup'
  6. Select 'Exchange'
  7. Go to 'Advanced Setup'
  8. Enter email account ( -> Next
  9. Enter mail server -> ( -> Next
  10. Enter domain\username ( -> Next
  11. Enter password (password) -> Next -> Done
  12. Connect (on mine its a check mark, select it)
  13. Outlook (Exchange) should sync now

Tested on CentOS 6/7/8.